Manager Soccer

Online Football Management Game

Coming soon


Create your own unique style of play and set your team up to win with Manager.Soccer's approachable tactics builder.

The game's match engine, which has been fine-tuned by playing over 5 million games, simulates fixtures with tremendous detail and realism.


Build your dream team by signing players in the transfer market.

Bid against other managers for the best players, or ask your scouting team to uncover a rough gem.


Develop your squad to unlock it's full potential.

Take a hands-on approach to training by creating a training plan for each player, or trust your coaching team's judgement.


Coming soon to iOS, Android and Web.

Fast paced

Each season lasts 1 month, so you're never far from glory. With 10 of the 12 teams being either promoted or relegated, can you handle the pressure?

Immersive game world

Manager.Soccer has an immersive game world like no other. Every nation, league and club has it's own story - written by the players - with rich history, records and stats stored forever.

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