Club AI improvements

2 weeks ago a feature was added to the game where clubs would sack their managers if they did not log into the game for 14 days. Last night this functionality was triggered for the first time resulting in 30 managers being sacked.

This was necessary in order to maintain a competitive game. Lots of fixtures were being abandoned because managers were not setting their tactics and lots of transfer bids were pending for a long time. There is currently some limited artificial intelligence which will take care of essential things like tactics, contract renewals and handling transfer offers for clubs with no manager, and this means the game will be much more competitive this season as a result.

However, I would like to improve this artificial intelligence even further over the next few weeks to make the game feel more alive.

Here are the things that the club AI will be able to do in this new update:

  • Promote players from the youth team when they're good enough
  • Make transfer bids for other players to fill gaps in the first team squad
  • Move young players to the youth team if it will improve their development
  • Make youth players available for loan if it will improve their development
  • Transfer list unneeded players

If you have any suggestions for how the club AI could be improved then please head to the forum:

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