Feature spotlight: finances

Club finances are often overlooked in games like these but managing your finances is crucial, especially for lower league teams. While micro managing finances isn't for everybody Manager.Soccer will provide detailed financial information for those who do want to ensure they are spending their money efficiently.

Fear not, number-phobes! For those who don't care about balance sheets, there will be a quick summary of your club's financial position too.

The overall aim for finances is Manager.Soccer is to have a complete audit trail of every penny that has entered or left your club. That means there's transaction history covering ticket sales, transfers and competition money. Some will say that's completely overkill, so what are the advantages of this approach?

  • Ability to present stats like - how much money has a player earned in their total career? Or a manager?
  • Ability to fine clubs for disciplinary offences or going into administration - and then redistribute the fine to other clubs
  • Ability to increase/decrease competition prize money based on TV revenue
  • Track the movement of money within the game - to identify cheaters quickly
  • Track the total money coming into the game/leaving the game - which will help to control inflation

Imagine this - let's say a club in league A1 has particularly aggressive fans and the club gets fined a large sum of money (% of total balance). Where does that money go? In most games it just disappears. With transaction level tracking that money can be re-distributed to other clubs, maybe in the lower leagues.

Here's a screenshot of what the finances page will look like for beta. Let me know in the comments if you have any feedback!

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