Progress update

A bumper update for you all to start the year with.


As you will probably have noticed, we have a proper website now! That's obviously an important step before the game goes live. It's very basic at the moment, but will do a job during the early months of the game. If you haven't seen it already, you can check it out here.


During beta we will need a place to report bugs and make suggestions, so the time is right to create a place to discuss those things. I've decided to use Flarum to power our forums. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out. To get us started, you can discuss this blog post here.


On to the game updates. The tactics page has been re-designed to make it much easier to use (and nicer to look at). As before, you can drag players to positions on the pitch. But now you can also click on the shirts and pick players from a drop down. The first method will work well on desktop, but the second method will work better on mobile/tablet.

There is also an "auto select" button which will auto select players based on their rating. Useful if you're in a hurry.

Injuries and suspensions

Injuries and suspensions have been added to the game. Suspensions are based on player aggression (higher aggression = higher chance of a yellow/red card) and injuries are based on player fitness/condition (which, in turn, is based on player stamina).

UI improvements

Rating bars have received colours which change depending on the rating they are representing. Players and staff now have info labels next to their names to highlight key information (such as injuries, bids, contract expiry, etc). They also have a pop-up (activated by hovering) next to their name which provides a quick look at their attributes.


The "to" field on the create new message page now autofills and provides suggestions as you type. System messages have been localised ready for translation to other languages.


A few small improvements have been made to training. Overriding your coaches training instructions is clearer now and an indicator has been added which shows attribute growth in the selected attribute.


Clubs now have stadiums! The initial capacity of their stadiums is based on the population of the city that they reside in. So clubs from big cities start with a larger stadium capacity than clubs from smaller towns.

Ticket revenue/prize money

To take advantage of stadiums, clubs now receive ticket revenue after matches. Attendance is based on the importance of the match. For example, if you are top of the table playing 2nd position the attendance will be much higher than if you were playing the bottom placed team.

At the end of the season, clubs now receive prize money based on the position that they finished. The higher division the club is in, the more prize money is on offer.


Loan transfers are now supported. They can last up to 4 weeks. In the future, loan fees will be added. To support this, the transfer offer page has been re-designed. It looks a lot nicer now. While players are on loan it will not be possible to submit a transfer offer for them.

Contract reminder emails

Before the end of the season reminder messages are now sent to all managers reminding them which of their players/staff have contracts which expire at the end of the season.

Player statistics

Players have their statistics (goals, cards, etc) recorded every season for each competition, for each club they play for. This can be viewed on the "player history" screen.

Club history

Clubs also have their history stored now. The new "club history" screen contains historical information about which leagues they played in and where they finished

League statistics

To bring the new player statistics to life you can view top scorers etc for each league in the new "league statistics" screen

Beta progress update

I know it's been a while since the last update, but that's a lot of progress that has been made! And we're now feature complete for beta.

My ambition is to release the game for beta testing in the next few weeks. I'll spend the comings weeks refining the game and doing some extensive testing. The translations will also need to be updated to support the new features above.

We're getting close!

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