Youth teams!

Youth teams have just been added to the game. Here's some info:

How do I view my youth team?

Simply head to the players page and select the "youth team" option from the toolbar.

When will I receive youth players?

Every club with a Youth Manager will receive an intake of new youth players to their youth squad on the first day of each season.

What's so good about the youth team?

Players in the youth team will benefit from additional training sessions which means they could develop quicker than if they were in the first team, especially if they are not playing in games.

How does my Youth Manager influence the youth team?

A higher rated youth manager will be able to attract better youth players with higher potential ability. They will also provide better training.

How do I select youth players for first team games?

In order to pick a youth player in your starting line-up you must first promote them to the first team. This can be done from the player status page.

How do I move a player from my youth team to my first team?

This can be done from the player status page. This will happen automatically when the player reaches the age of 19.

Can I move players from my first team into my youth team?

Only players who are 18 years old or younger can be moved to the youth team

Can I sell/loan players who are in the youth team?

Yes, there are no restrictions on transferring players in your youth team

Can I buy a player from another club for my youth team?

Yes, you can buy any player who is under 18 years of age and move them to your youth team

How do I set training for my youth players?

This can be done from the training page. Both first team and youth team players are included together.

How can I find out the potential of my youth players?

An estimation of the potential ability of your youth players will be coming soon in a future update

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